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Living and working in Salzburg

Life in Salzburg offers a lot. The combination of city life with nearby country life, the varied nature with recreational and activity opportunities, and the cultural diversity attract many.

For those who want it all

From the flat Alpine foothills to the highest mountain, the Großvenediger mit 3,657 m, from thermal spas to ski slopes – the leisure factor is high. In addition, Salzburg, like all of Austria, can boast political and social stability, security, and a freely accessible and high-quality education and healthcare system. You can choose: Living in the city of Salzburg – a small, but also cosmopolitan city that perfectly combines urban flair with closeness to nature. Or in the beautiful Salzburger Land, where a wide range of leisure activities are available virtually from the front door.

There are many, many good reasons that make Salzburg the ideal place to live, study, research and work!


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    Short and uncomplicated is the motto in Salzburg when it comes to mobility. Both the city and the province have a well-developed public bus, S-Bahn and regional rail network. More than 40 million people use public transportation every year. Many Salzburger:innen also rely on bicycles – the very well-developed bicycle network and the short distances make this possible. Business and private trips abroad are easy with Salzburg Airport, which is only a short distance from the city and therefore easy to reach.


    Salzburg’s art and cultural life is in season all year round and delights visitors from all over the world. But not only the fans of classical music get their money’s worth in Salzburg. It is true that the high-class Salzburg Festival and Mozart have made their mark for centuries. But modern art also has its fixed place in Salzburg. The Museum der Moderne (mumok), the largest museum of modern art in Europe, showcases national and international avant-garde art. Those who prefer to indulge in the performing arts are also in the right place in Salzburg: venues such as ARGE Kultur, SZENE Salzburg and Kleines Theater provide a stage for the strong theater and dance scene in Salzburg.

    Away from high culture, the state offers plenty of living customs – from the Krampuslauf to Rupertikirtag – and from concerts in the Rockhouse to the Electric Love Festival, its event & culture scene is worth seeing and hearing.


    Many international big players such as Red Bull or BMW cavort in Salzburg. In addition to the big names, small and medium-sized market and innovation leaders are located in the state, which means that a variety of industries and lots of expertise are gathered in one place. Salzburg is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe and is the largest commercial center in Austria after Vienna. Salzburg unites large and small and is precisely for this reason a center of attraction for companies of all types and sizes and thus also a provider of jobs even far away from tourism: In addition to the IT industry, it is also the headquarters and leading companies from other sectors that have their own system houses, data hubs or IT development departments in Salzburg and thus turn out to be exciting technology companies when you take a closer look. Innovative business information technology can be found in the strongly represented sectors of retail, automotive and banking. Digital media companies and some global market leaders for Industry 4.0 solutions are taking advantage of Salzburg’s many benefits as an ICT location.

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    These IT companies in Salzburg are looking for you!

    You have IT skills? You want to live and work in Salzburg? Perfect! There are many IT companies in Salzburg looking for IT professionals. Large corporations, small family businesses or hidden champions – Salzburg has it all. So that you don’t have to spend a long time looking for the right employer in Salzburg, we have an overview for you here!

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    These companies in Salzburg have great IT know-how

    Working in Salzburg

    What do Red Bull, PALFINGER and Porsche Holding have in common? They have their headquarters in Salzburg. You didn’t know that? Many other large companies are based here: world market leaders, trading groups and global industrial companies.

    Salzburg beyond Mozart and High culture

    Discover leasure and sporting activities in Salzburg

    Here is just a small selection of the many sporting activities that Salzburg has to offer. There is much to discover – in every season.

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    You come from a third country and would like to work in Salzburg? But you don’t know how to proceed here? Here you will get an initial overview of how you can work in Austria as a skilled worker from a third country.

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